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Enjoy the "beach chair"

Time:2014-04-30 00:00:00

   Beach chair steel structure part adopts galvanized and outdoor import powder coating, wood part adopts high-quality timber, after debugging, anti-corrosion, drying process, surface using high-quality outdoor polymer paint spraying, forming a reliable protective film, durable for outdoor.

   Beach chair is different from the normal chair, chair of the lower half can be inserted on the beach for a fixed. Beach chair can be said to be specialized in order to enjoy sunbathing on the beach and the design of the chair, beach chair designers use in dehydrating wood recycling made, environmentally friendly and easy to carry.

   Different shapes and specifications of beach chairs, made of metal, steel and wood, plastic, wood, glass, stainless steel etc.. Excellent quality, beach chair, safe and durable, fashion modeling.


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