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Esign of beach chair, tailored to characteristics of human body

Time:2014-04-29 00:00:00

     Chairs of the local scale patterns and has a great influence on the use of. Such as: decide on the backrest and the armrests height. From human anatomy features into consideration, the buttocks muscles rich solid, is one of the most pressure resistant parts of human body. So the right seats should be designed so that the upper part of the focus on the hip bones.

(1) the sitting face too much sitting is too high so that the legs dangling, not only the leg muscle compression, and upper legs, lower leg and back muscles are in tension, it will not be long before fatigue.

(2) the seat surface is too low when the seat surface is too low to knee angle less than 90 ° or human body pressure is too concentrated, the abdominal muscles produce extrusion can not guarantee the appropriate state of human lumbar vertebrae Zhi Department, affects the back muscles, increase back muscle load time, can make the person produces pain and discomfort caused by fatigue.

(3) the sitting surface width, sit on the front seat surface finger length width is too narrow, in addition to find formal not appropriate, on both sides of the body muscles will be squeezed feeling; sitting surface width is too wide, the inevitable extension of arms, the latissimus dorsi and shoulder deltoid muscle, tendon tissue by stretching. Both are easy to produce fatigue.

(4) dynamic range larger length back, can not be provided with the backrest; static and dynamic rest in order to obtain the corresponding support and does not interfere with the work and activities is appropriate, the backrest height can be started by the first, two lumbar lower gradually increased, the maximum can reach the scapula neck, while the static rest may be required; back to support the head length.


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