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Dongjiang port artificial beach visitors soared!

Time:2022-04-23 00:00:00

   Dongjiang harbor scenic area management department to know, since the "five one" the official opening of the Dongjiang port artificial beach visitors soared, become a good place for summer visitors. According to statistics, artificial beach peak day visitors reached 3000 people, average daily visitors reached 2000.

   Drove to the artificial beach, and at a distance of about 2 km scenic toll stations, more than 10 cars lined up, waiting to pay parking fees, beach chair scenic area parking lot full of parked vehicles. Scenic area staff told reporters, as of 10 am, the vehicle has entered the beach area of more than 400, is expected to peak at noon will usher in the day. The staff said, in recent days visitors are more than 2000 people, is the trial operation period of 2 to 3 times.

   Parking is less than 200 meters, is the artificial beach scenic spot. Play tourist or near water, or under the umbrella of rest, or on the sand. The visitors are mostly moved to the "self-help" tourists. Scenic area management personnel introduces, because the beach is open free of charge, attracted a large number of Tianjin people come to relax, "self-help" visitors accounted for about nine into above. With the summer hot weather, the beach daily average volume of tourists will continue to maintain growth.


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