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With the basic knowledge of the characteristics of outdoor "chair"

Time:2022-04-23 00:00:00


1 green energy saving and environmental protection, Recyclable reuse.

2 has the natural wood texture, color and vivid wood effect.

Integrated 3 low foaming products, low proportion, small weight, heat and sound insulation, durable, long service life.

4 waterproof, flame retardant, mothproof, wear-resisting, not conductive, high flexural strength, good toughness, can be freely bent.

5, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust, no cracking, anti ultraviolet, paint a molding.

The 6 plane, nail, drill, cut, adapt to any different specifications of hardware accessories.

7 beautiful appearance, simple installation, repair convenient, time-saving, high efficient, affordable, can meet different customer needs.

8 overcomes the shortcoming of natural wood, combines the advantages of polymer materials of wood and all, is instead of wood and wood preservative is Jiapin, but also the national vigorously promote and advocate of high environmental protection green products.

Leisure chair made of steel structures, anticorrosive wood and plastic wood as the main raw material, after all the rust proof and anti-corrosion treatment, the use of 6-10 design phase usually. Surface coating by high temperature baking designed specifically for outdoor products after spraying zinc powder coating, antirust period in more than 10 years. The company is not only a leader in technology, also paid great attention to the choice materials. The general structure of steel and wood products are imported tropical rain forest quality Hill Zhangmu processing, superb durability, use period can be installed at any outdoor environment, we in good faith to ensure no rust, do not fade.


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